About Kitchen Heroes UK

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Offering a host of unrivalled Kitchen Equipment products designed to aid home cooks in the creation of technical cooking creations.  With products created to spark creativity in the kitchen which includes the challenges of baking bread and cakes to producing quality sushi rolls - Kitchen Heroes UK offer a fabulous range all available at low prices!

Kitchen Heroes UK was conceived in late 2018 by Emma Louise Cross - wannabe cook and baker.  Emma decided to devote her time to creating a helpful website which offered a range of handy, must have kitchen aids and useful tools for creating tasty meals and snacks.

For many years Emma had dreamed of becoming a talented and experience home cook however in reality this simply wasn't the case.  Watching programs such as Masterchef and Sunday Brunch made cooking look not only realistically easy, but fun too!  Something Emma had rarely experienced!

'"If it wasn't a brownie packet mix I just couldn't do it.  Nothing ever seemed to go right from the mixing and the prep through to the actual baking.  It ended up leaving me feeling completely deflated and defeated in the kitchen."
Emma L Cross - Kitchen Heroes Founder & Director.

Since creating Kitchen Heroes UK, the brand has grown immensely bringing it to the forefront of the kitchen gadget market place.  Supplying a range of never seen before kitchenware, cooking equipment, cookery utensils and tools and Tupperware solutions. 

One of Kitchen Heroes UK best qualities is that the range of unique kitchen products has been comprised of trusted brands who create long lasting items. All of Kitchen Heroes UK products are available to customers worldwide at low, cost effective prices which include FREE traceable delivery!  In order to offer these products at such low costs is due to the items shipping directly from the manufacturing plants involved in their creation.

Kitchen Heroes UK are extremely excited to welcome you and hope you enjoy your online shopping experience with us!